Learning to Surf: The Beginner’s Guide

18 July, 2016

beginner guide learn how to surf

Introducing yourself to surfing can be fun. You, your family and even your friends can enjoy the waters with this sport. Before we go further, check out some preparatory steps for you to be ready to learn to surf South Australia.

Ready your body. Surfing is a sport that needs physical strength. Make sure that your body is ready for some exhausting exercises that you need to do, also advice your family and friends that need to be physically fit for the surf lessons. Before your scheduled lesson you can actually increase your core strength and muscle endurance by following some of these surfing fitness tips.

Choose the right surfboard. The most important part when starting to surf is to choose the best surfboard for you. Many beginners give up on the sport because they are unable to maneuver the board in the waves. The main reason for this frustration is not about the lack of talent, sometimes it has something to do with the board.

As a beginner, a wide and thick surfboard will be a perfect choice to keep you from falling once you’re riding it. It is best to read on some reviews from professional surfers when choosing a board. Find out what board they recommend. You’re skill level affects your choice of board. Do not ask for the thin short boards if you’re only just beginning. Wait until you’ve mastered how to maneuver yourself in the water with great stability.

Schedule your surf lesson. Australia has surf schools that offer multiple packages. You can opt to take a group lesson together with your friends and family. Surf and Sun even has a Surf Groms program especially created for kids who wants to learn how to surf. Check out available packages from Surf and Sun. You can also choose the location for your lessons; Adelaide, Middleton, Goolwa, Robe, and Moana are just some of the few places where you can go to surf.

Pack the essentials. Most surf schools will allow you to hire wetsuits and boards throughout the day. If your surf lessons package already includes all equipment make sure that you still bring with you a bottle of sunscreen and extra clothes. The lesson can go for hours and you need to be protected while you are under the sun. Sunblock lotions and spray will do their job as you paddle through the water trying to stand on your board the first time.

Don’t forget to enjoy. Surfing is your new adventure and you should never forget to enjoy the experience. Allow the water to calm you mind. Have fun with your family and friends while you are all trying to learn a new hobby. Who knows? You might even take this hobby seriously and consider going pro. Ride the waves and find out if you’ll get hooked as hard as we are.

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