Surfing Manners and Etiquette

25 July, 2016

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Keeping yourself out of trouble while surfing can be a bit hard. Especially, when you’re having the time of your life in the waters and enjoying the waves. Like in every sport, surfing also has a list of things that everyone should observe. Surfers, professionals or beginners alike, adhere to dos and don’ts when they are doing the sport. Surf and Sun South Australia provide you a list of reminders that you should keep in mind.

  • Wave Priority; right of way. Just like in the highway, surfing also follows the observance of the “right of way”. How do you determine who needs to be given the priority for a wave?
    • Farthest out: the surfer who was waiting the longest
    • Farthest inside: the surfer who is closest to the peak of the wave
    • First to feet: the surfer who is on his feet first (The only case of first come first served.)
    • Communication: if the wave is dual-peaking, call of "Left!" or "Right!" so that the others will know which direction will you be taking.
  • DO NOT Drop in, Stay out of the way. When a surfer is up and riding his board, don’t ever think of dropping in to keep yourself from getting along with the locals. You’ll also be given your time, learn how to wait and observe the right of way.
  • DO NOT snake in. Some surfers repeatedly paddles around other surfers just to get into the inside position while waiting for the wave. This is a big NO – NO! Never do this to fellow surfers because no one wants to have their wave snatched out in front of them.
  • STOP hogging the waves. No matter how strong your paddle power is, always think of other surfers. Give them the chance to enjoy the waters. Other surfers will get annoyed if you hog all the waves, they might even start dropping in on you and it will be a total chaos.
  • Help other surfers. Surfing may pose danger to beginners and first-timers. Always be on the lookout and take a time to observe other surfers around you. Lend a hand to other surfers if needed.
  • When visiting, ALWAYS respect the locals. Some surfers visit other beaches to try different waves. If ever you are out on other surfing locations, keep in mind that locals surf their almost every day and they can be very territorial. Try to be on their good side by being respectful. Act friendly and try to ask for tips and best practices when surfing in their area.
  • Gauge your ability to locate the perfect surfing spot. Know the limitations of your surfing skills and stick to it when locating a spot in the waters. Other surfers will get annoyed at you if you keep on interfering with their momentum.
  • ALWAYS respect the beach. Many people visit the beach. Be a good example. Leave your footprints and take your memories with you. Never litter. Appreciate the beauty of the beach but never vandalize it.

These are just some of the important reminders that all surfers must know. Be a model surfer and learn how to properly surf with Surf and Sun’s surf lessons South Australia. Call us now!

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