Choosing the Right Surf Gear

1 August, 2016

wet suit hire Australia

People who are serious about riding the waves need not put off the regard for fashion. Surfing gears nowadays doesn’t just involve the wetsuit. Surfing clothing, especially when it’s summer, comes in all shapes, color and style. People who love surfing can now be as fashionable as they want. When beginners learn to surf South Australia they are strongly advised to pick the most comfortable surf wear before they ride the waves.

  • Men’s Surf wear – Board shorts are the most ideal clothing for men. Surfers from all levels prefer wearing board shorts when they surf. This piece of clothing is the most comfortable and flexible choice for men. It gives enough room for your legs (loose fitting design) to move around while trying to stand up in the board. Make sure that you choose a high-quality board shorts that will endure the harsh conditions of the waves when surfing.
  • Women’s Surf wear – Women have a lot of choices when it comes to their surf wear. They can opt to wear bikinis (both one-piece and two-piece) and tankinis. Experienced women surfers often wear bikinis because they find it more comfortable than other surf wears while beginners’ famous choice will be tankinis and one piece swimsuits because they want to put off the worry and issues of wardrobe malfunction when faced with wipeouts. As precautionary before hitting the waves, women are advised to make sure that their swimwear is secured. If you’re not confident enough with what to wear, you can always hire a wetsuit from the local surf store. They offer suits which will fit almost all sizes.  
  • Rash Guards – This surf wear is one of the most famous choices for both sexes especially during the summer. Rash guards are short or long sleeved swim wear that is made from Lycra. This protects your upper body from the heat of the sun and it also serves as a barrier from other elements to come in contact with your skin. Surfers who are more concern about protection against the sun are most likely to pick dark colored rash guards than light colored ones. It is also important to keep in mind that this surf wear will not protect the surfer against the cold.
  • Wetsuits – If you want to surf despite the cold weather, only a wetsuit can protect your body against the cold waters. Picking the right wetsuit depends on a surfer. Choose the suit that offers the most comfort and you’ll surely be fine while riding the waves.

When choosing your surf wear, always keep in mind that what matters most will be the performance, comfort, warmth and durability of your chosen gears. Eliminating the worry for wardrobe malfunctions will allow you to focus more on your surfing. A lot of surf wear choices are available in the market nowadays, what you wear when you want to surf is your choice.

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