Why an Average Surfer Needs Four Boards?

9 August, 2016

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Professional surfers who practically spends most of their time in the waters definitely need more boards than most of us do. But how many surfboards does an average surfer need? Well, the answer to that is FOUR. Yes, an average surfer needs four surfboards but for first time surfers and beginners having one will be enough for now, you can even hire a surfboard from local shops. So what are the boards you need to have and why does it have to be four? Here’s the answer to that.

The main reason for your need of four surfboards is the varying waves of the waters. Some places may have more consistent waves but still it is better to be prepared. Having extra boards with you when you’re out for surfing will enable you to perform better no matter the condition of the waves. Keep in mind that one board doesn’t fit all types of waves.

The Four Must Have Boards

  • Standard Board - This is the board that you like riding the most. You should be able to ride your standard board well because your body can easily adjust to it and you’re comfortable in it. Though it is the board you most relaxed with this can still not withstand almost all wave types and it is still better to bring extra boards. Your surfing skills will improve even faster if you know how to ride different boards fit for different conditions.
  • Board for Smaller Days - You might find this a bit unconvincing but using your standard board during smaller days will mess up the way you surf on regular days. Surfing in smaller days is different than on regular days, when you force to surf with your standard board during smaller days your body movements will compensate for the lack of wave motions that you were used to during regular days. The board you need for smaller days will be a board that performs well on a 1-3’ range.
  • Board for Bigger Days - Boards for bigger days depends on the ability and strength of the surfer. It is solely dependent on what he/she considers as big and powerful waves. Your board for bigger days should be different from your standard board in terms of length and weight. The added length of the board will enable you to paddle in the big waves and the extra weight will provide you with the needed stability to stand up.
  • Backup for the Standard Board - Why is there a need for backup board? This always comes in handy. Your backup board doesn’t need to be the exact same board. When you get a new board, keep your last board instead of selling it and maintain it as your backup board. Having a backup for your standard board gives you the peace of mind while enjoying the waters. You no longer have to worry about dings and the trouble for extra money when renting a replacement board.

Owning four boards can be a bit too much for others but having the right board for a specific time is the best way to enjoy the waters. For more surfing tips and surf lessons Goolwa, contact Surf and Sun today!

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