Surfing 101: Avoiding the Risks

16 August, 2016

learn to surf Australia

As enjoyable and fun as it is, surfing still involves a lot of risks that can sometimes be life threatening. The entertainment brought about by surfing can fairly cover for the risks it entails but we should still need to be mindful about the dangers you might face in this sport. Safe surfing practices is discussed when you learn to surf South Australia with Surf and Sun.

The waters can be very unpredictable and every one should know how to handle themselves when faced with danger. Let’s take a look at some risks involved with surfing in the vast oceans:

Drowning - Most beginners and first time surfers fear to drown in the waters while surfing. The risk of drowning is real and can happen to almost anyone. The unpredictability of the waves also adds to the possibility of this accident to happen. ALWAYS remember to go surfing with a friend so that you’ll have someone during emergency situations.

Marine life attack - Just like in the movies, marine life attack (e.g. sharks) can be very life threatening. But sharks aren’t the only marine life to look out for; sea snakes, jellyfish, stingrays and sea urchins also pose a threat to surfers. To avoid these potential harms you can always ask locals or fellow surfers who surfs in the location almost every day. Local surf shops often warn for possible marine life dangers so it always helps when you visit one of them.

Strong waves and surfing Injury - Waves can often be very strong. It may cause wipeouts that may result to suffers having injuries. To escape sustaining injuries, you might need to be very mindful of the weather when you are out surfing. Beaches often have designated surfing spots that suits certain level of surfing skill. All you need to do is to correctly assess your skill level to make sure that the strength of the wave on your designated surfing spot is right for you.

Leg Rope Tangles - The surfer’s leash which connects to his surfboard is a very helpful piece of surfing equipment. This allows the surfer to stay close to the board no matter what happens in the water, but this can also incapacitate the surfer when it tangles itself into the surfer’s free limb. Ensuring that your leash has a swivel will lessen the occurrence of tangling.

Surfboards and wipeouts - Surfboards nowadays are constructed by manufactures to be very functional and stylish. However, the design of a surfboard can also be hazardous to surfers. This is the main reason why we always advise our student to be careful when choosing a surfboard. Know the right surfboard for you and learn how you can control it properly. You can also learn the proper way of falling off your board during a wipeout to help avoid the fins to slice anything in its way.

Every hobby or sport includes the risks of facing potential harm. One only needs enough knowledge to avoid and manage the risks. For more information about surfing, you may contact Surf and Sun today!

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