How to Increase Your Paddle Power

14 November, 2016

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Muscle endurance is an important aspect that a surfer should improve on when keeping up with the demands of paddling through the waters. Surfing beginners are often faced with the problem of not being able to paddle with great power. This often results in wipeouts or not being able to catch good waves. Those who want to learn how to surf Adelaide from Surf and Sun Australia are always reminded of the importance of paddle power.

Sure, the most efficient way to increase paddle power is to practice it in the waters. But for some people, this might not be possible since they live far from the beach.

  • Endurance. What most surfers do if they won’t be able to practice on-the-water paddling is that they hit the gym and do some exercises that will improve and tone their shoulder muscles. A circuit endurance exercise that focuses on the upper body is one of the most common gym exercises that surf coaches recommend. Being able to get your shoulder muscles the endurance it needs for the amount of paddling power your surfing sessions need will drastically improve your surf skills.
  • Flexibility. One thing that you need to include when doing the circuit endurance exercise is flexibility. Make sure to focus on getting flexible while increasing your muscle endurance. Keeping up with the strength and power that paddling requires also depends on your muscles’ flexibility. You won’t be able to make some improvement with your paddling when you’re shoulder movements are restricted with the range of motion that your joints and muscles can provide.
  • Core stability. The last thing that you need to include on your out-of-the-water paddle power training is core control. Plank exercises are just some of the activities that you can do for core muscle development. If you’re unable to make progress with plank exercises, you can also try dynamic floor exercise routines. Core stability makes your muscles work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Extensive routine. If you are working on your paddling power but unable to do on-the-water practice, it will be best if you design an extensive exercise routine with your surfing coach. The set of routines that you formulate may start with the basic power, strength and endurance exercises. Your surfing coach will be the best person to talk to when it comes to improving your surfing skills. You can also contact Surf & Sun Australia if you want to ask questions.

Yes you can improve your paddling power with these out of the water training exercises. Mimicking the muscular action and improving the physical skills required for this surfing skill will help you a lot. Allow your body to be trained with on the above mentioned aspects and you will see great improvements once you hit the waters again. These training routine might not compensate for the physical action you’ll encounter if you practice on the waters but it will still help you be prepared. For more surfing tips, visit out blog and read more!

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