Maintaining Balance on a Surfboard

7 November, 2016

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Surfing has long been a favorite sport of fun loving and adventure seekers. For most people who feel in love with the surfing, the moment you stand up on a board and feeling of the adrenaline rush along with it is what makes every surfing session worthy.

During your first attempt in standing up on a surfboard, you may have encountered problems regarding how to balance your weight on a surfboard. Most beginners fall and experience wipe out because of this inability. To enhance your balance when trying to stand on a surf board, Surf and Sun will provide you with easy to follow balancing tips that we also recommend for our surf lessons Middleton students. Check out the list below to do it on your own.

  • Single Leg Balance – This is a simple exercise that requires you to stand in one leg. You can start with the right leg, slowly lift your left leg forwards and make sure that the right leg is slightly bent while the left leg is being lifted. Hold the position for at least 60 seconds while ensuring that the spine is straight. You will also need to engage your core muscles, contract them while you are in this position. After 60 seconds, repeat the process on the right leg.
  • Single Leg Balance + Tennis Ball – For this exercise, you will need to do the above mentioned exercise while tossing a tennis ball from one hand to the other. Repeat the process for 60 seconds while doing the single leg balance for both left and right legs.
  • Single Leg Balance + Pillow – This exercise is as simple as the Single Leg Balance. The only difference is that instead of a flat surface, you will need to stand on a pillow. Make sure that you do the exercise for 60 seconds alternating on your left and right legs.
  • Single Leg Balance + Eyes shut - Shutting your eyes while doing the single leg balance is considered to be a harder exercise than the two activities mentioned. To prevent yourself from getting into an accident, we suggest that you position yourself in a place where you can touch a wall for support in case you find it hard to maintain the single leg balance while closing your eyes. This exercise also needs to be performed for at least 60 seconds.
  • Single Leg Balance + Eyes shut + Pillow – For this stage, you will need to maintain your balance while standing with a single leg on a pillow with your eyes closed. Please observe the safety measure mentioned on exercise number 4. Do this exercise on alternate legs for 60 seconds as well.

Improving your balance is very important, especially if you want to learn how to stand on a surf board. The activities mentioned may sound easy but make sure to observe caution to avoid any injury. You can add this balance improvement exercises to your daily exercise routine to make sure that they are regularly accomplished. For more surfing tips, click here to visit our blog!    

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