Learning how to surf and Get rid of Your Fears

31 October, 2016

learn how to surf Australia

Most people enjoy watching surfers but are afraid to try the sport because of their fear of the ocean. Our surfing instructors here at Surf & Sun are often asked about ocean safety and the things that need to be done in order to be safe in the waters. These questions are clear manifestations of how anxious a first time surfer feels when faced with the possibility of being out in the ocean.

Fear of the ocean is a normal occurrence, especially for people who do not swim well. So what do you need to do if you have fear being in the open sea water? Here are some helpful tips that might just help you overcome your fear:

1.) Learn how to swim. If you are not that good at swimming, the first thing you need to do is to practice your swimming skills. Enroll for swimming lessons to learn effective techniques that will help you face your fear of the ocean.

2.) Learn about currents, tides, and waves. Your knowledge about the ocean should include the types of waves and tides. Do not limit the information into just knowing about them. The internet can provide you with ample sources that will help you understand properly what happens with the se water if currents and tides occur. This stuff is also discussed on most surf lessons South Australia.

3.) Use a bodyboard to learn how the ocean works. After learning how to swim and knowing about currents and tides, the next step that you need to take is to experience how the ocean works firsthand. If you do not have a bodyboard, you can rent the equipment from a local surf shop in Middleton.

4.) Start with 1-2 foot beach break waves. Once you’ve taken surf lessons and on the process of learning how to surf, you need to take it easy by starting with the smaller waves. Do not immediately challenge yourself, getting used to how the ocean works will take time. Make sure that you are already comfortable with your surroundings before venturing to the bigger waves.

5.) Go surfing with friends and have fun. The best part of surfing is the fun you’ll experience while riding the waves. Share this fun with friends to become more acquainted with the waters. Group fun while surfing adds fulfillment while enjoying the activity. Being stoked will surely overcome the initial fear.

Do not just sit in the shore while wondering how cool surfing is. Take the first step today and overcome whatever is holding you back from trying the sport. Asking for help will also allow you to get into surfing faster. You can always ask for tips and advice from local surfers in your area or you can try calling up a surf school that can teach you the basics when it comes to surfing.

If you have any inquiries about surfing lessons and other outdoor adventure, pick up your phone now and contact us! Our team will answer your questions.

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