Surf Lessons: How to Improve Your Surfing Skill

24 October, 2016

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With whatever you do, it usually gets frustrating if you are stuck in what seems to be a dead end. Athletes and professionals refer to this stage as the slump but beginners usually view this as obstacle. Whatever they call it, this stage needs overcoming and it needs to be able to move forward fast to get your head in the game.

Here’s a list of pointers that might help you recover and improve your surfing skills:

  • Fitness Training. DO NOT forget your training routine. Surfers need to have a training routine that will guide them in their development. This routine will direct you to the areas where you need to improve and this will also serve as the blueprint for the exercise routines that you need to undergo.
  • Flexibility Exercises. Taking in some yoga surfing lessons will help you improve your flexibility. This activity does not just improve flexibility but also provides clearness to your mind and physical health. You can also do the stretching routines ideal for surfers if you don’t like yoga sessions.
  • Nutrition and Food Intake. You can read more about the proper diet of a surfer from our “5 Tips to Achieving Optimum Surfing Fitness” article. Fuel your body with the right kind of food to make sure that it can endure hours of practice in the waters.
  • Check your surfing gears. If you find that the board you have limits your abilities in the water, maybe it high time to replace them with a new one. For helpful advice on choosing the right gears that will work for you, visiting a local surf shop will benefit you more. Doing your own personal research using the internet will also help you.
  • Warm up before practice. A fifteen minute pre-surf warm-up usually allows your body to adjust for the activity. Make sure that you always perform a war-up before surfing to avoid muscle cramps and other injuries.
  • Practice, seriously practice. Surfing involves some time investment when it comes to practice sessions. You will never be able to improve an aspect of your surfing when you do not dedicate your time for practice. Repetition is a way to make the body remember, it improves your muscle memory and allow the body to do a surfing maneuver in an easier way. Your muscle memory is as important as your skills. Successful professional surfers learn how to surf well because of constant practice. You too can do it.

Discipline is the key to improvement. Having the surfing skills that will allow you to greatly surf in a professional’s caliber is a bonus that you can get if you’ll be able to discipline yourself. The sport is fun and has the ability to make you forget that you are even practicing. Surfing also builds fun camaraderie especially if you are in the beach. A lot of professional surfers started with the sport because of the great feeling when they get stoked. Others were motivated because of what they saw in the television but as a surfing instructor, I can say that everyone wants to improve their surfing skills because they want to have more fun in the waters.

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