Learn How to Surf: How to Avoid Nosedive Wipe Out

17 October, 2016

 learn how to surf Adelaide

Wanting to advance to a more advance surf lesson Adelaide but has not yet discovered the trick of avoiding a nosedive wipe out? Our Surf & Sun instructors provided us with these useful tips to share with every student who wants to learn the easy way out of a wipe out. Read the enumerated tips below:

  • Paddle on the Right Position

During the beginning of your surf lessons with Surf & Sun, your instructors have told you about the proper positioning of the body when you are paddling. If you have difficulty in locating where you should position your body in the board, using some tape or a board wax will do the trick. Keep in mind that when you start to paddle, the nose of your board needs to slightly stick out. Your body should not be positioned too forward and far too much in the back to keep the board in a good position while trying to catch the wave. If you find I hard to adjust the position with your current surfboard, you can always visit a local surf store to check on a board that will work for your body type.

  • Paddle Faster

The main skill that a surfer should develop is the ability to paddle fast. Most surfer and surfing instructors always remind beginners about the importance of this fundamental ability. Most beginners start to notice the importance of paddling when they are confronted with the questions about their paddling methods. In order for you to keep up with catching the wave and successfully catch it without the wipe out, a surfer should be able to consistently paddle with good solid strokes. Strength and speed in paddling is the key to prevent the front of the board from sinking into the water while you are lying on top of it.

  • Timing and Pop Out

You might have often asked “when’s the right time to get up from your board?” The fear of facing a wipe out is what keeps you from asking this question. When you are out in the water and paddling through the waves you’re instinct will tell you the right time for a pop out. Always remember that if you want to attempt the pop-out, you need to start by getting your weight back to your lower body and position your hands for support when getting up. Once the preparation is been done, arch your back a bit and do not hesitate to getting on your feet.

  • Don’t forget to look over your shoulder

Do not focus entirely on what’s in front of you. To catch a wave better while paddling, you need to be aware of your surroundings. It’s better to look over your shoulder from time to time while catching waves. In doing so, you will be more efficient to make adjustments as to your board’s direction. This might be the hard, especially when you are just beginning but as you go along you’ll get used to it and the more you do it, the less wipe outs you’d encounter.

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