Surfing in Your 40’s: Benefits of Learning How to Surf

10 October, 2016

learn how to surf Australia benefits

Surfing for individuals at their 40’s? Why not! Being in your forties is not a hindrance why you cannot start the sport. Learning how to surf in that age is actually a great form of exercise. You might not be convinced at first, that why we listed some of the benefits you can get out of surfing.

  • Improved cardiovascular health. Heart related diseases are considered to be the leading cause of death. Most physicians and health specialists recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet to counter cardiovascular diseases. If you take up surfing with the goal of improving your cardiovascular health, we say, yes you can. Enroll to surf lessons in Adelaide today and find out how the sport will help you move around with ease. Surfing is a sport that involves a lot of swimming and paddling that will help your circulatory system improve the blood and oxygen circulation within the muscles in the entire body. Reduce the risk of heart-related problem by starting off with the sport today.
  • Upper body, shoulder and back strength. Most people in their forties hesitate to try surfing because they don’t want to experience pains. Don’t be afraid of the muscle pains, it will just be there in the onset of learning how to surf. Eventually, the pain will go away. This will be replaced with shoulder and back muscle strength which comes from the natural rotating motion that you do when paddling and swimming around the waters. Muscle and joint stiffness in the upper body occurs when the muscle groups are not regularly used.
  • Leg and core strength. Balance and core strength is the most basic benefit that surfing provides everyone who tries the sport. The ability of being able to balance yourself in a surfboard with strong waves coming at you requires repetitive practice of jumping, swimming and maintaining the upright position of the body. This cycle helps the body to continuously strengthen the legs and the core. Surfing will help you gain and improve your balance, being able to stand in the board for a longer time increases your core strength as well.
  • Flexibility and endurance. Let’s face the fact that when you start surfing, you’ll fall off from your board numerous times. Believe it or not, this actually also helps your body! The power of the waves will give your body flexibility challenges. Once you are in the water and catching waves, falling off your board is definitely the time when the waves will test your endurance and flexibility. You’ll be able to overcome this by a proper round of stretching and warm-up exercises.  

Do not get bothered by your age. Take your adventure to the next level and experience more things. You can always try new activities that will make you healthier and fitter. There are a lot of different activities that you can enjoy without worrying much about your age. You will never know what you’ve been missing if you’ll just stay within the confines of your home. Give us a call today and we will answer all of your surfing related queries!

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