Preparing for a Surf Competition

28 November, 2016

catching the wave in surfing competition Middleton

Surfing beginners are the surfers who mostly looks forward to the day that they will be able to join their first competition. With the purpose of developing their skills through private surf lessons Middleton and practicing seriously almost every day to achieve the single goal of participating in a surfing competition, commending their hard work is really a must. With that thought in mind, Surf & Sun Australia will help you out to prepare on the day of your first competition through these tips:

  • Wake up early. This should not be because of the jitters. Preparing for the competition. Creating a list of things that should be done before the competition will help you prepare better. Your preparation should be mostly done the night before but if there are other things on your list having extra time on the day of the competition will help on your preparation as well.
  • Have a good breakfast. Fiber rich food, banana and other potassium rich fruits should be included in your breakfast. Do not forget to drink a lot of water.
  • Check the waves and watch other surfers. The first thing that you need to do after arriving at the beach is to check the waves and wind directions. You can get more information about these things if you ask the lifeguard or any person with authority. It will also be helpful if you observe other surfers who are testing the waters. Looking for the best waves and observing the swell directions will also help you identify the best location where you can position yourself.
  • Test the waters before the competition. After you warm-up you can paddle around the waters and get some pre-competition surf session. With this pre-surf session, you’ll be able to save more time and won’t be paddling around much because you already know the location of the best breaks.
  • Check when your heat is. After your pre-surf session, you can now check the time for your heat. If you’re not yet up, you can watch other surfers to get an idea as to the surfing maneuvers that work in different break locations.
  • Do not freak out. This might be your first competition and other surfers may look skilled that you are but you need to hush the fear. All competition are scary, you just need to build a way to boost your confidence. Surfing is all about the fun, you need to enjoy the 20 minutes time that you are in the waters to make sure that you do your best. Keep in mind that all other surfers are also freaking out inside, so just be confident and have fun.
  • Enjoy the aftermath. Performing well or not depends on the judgment of the panel. Leave the handing out of points to the experts. After your heat, enjoy the aftermath. Relax and laugh it off if things did not go your way. Your first competition will always be memorable so get heaps of fun and laughter.

Participating in a competition is your stepping stone in becoming a professional surfer someday. Follow these tips so that you’ll be able to have a great competition experience. For inquiries, contact Surf & Sun Australia now!

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