Reasons Why Your Surfing Is Not Improving

5 December, 2016

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There are a lot of variables that might have affected your surfing skills over the years but it will never be mainly because of your athletic abilities. Do not just give up surfing because you think your body is being pushed to the limit/ Look around you because there might be other factors that affect your surfing skills. Stop blaming your body and read this article to find out how Surf & Sun Australia can help you improve your surfing.

  • You are not in the waters often. Improving your skills require you to actually surf. You will improve greatly if you actually apply all the things you learn while you are in the water. If you don’t have enough time because of work and other personal stuff, schedule a visit to the beach to surf. Getting in the waters twice or thrice a month is still better than none at all. You can also take your friends and family with you for group surf lessons Adelaide if you want to have fun and spend time with them.
  • You’re nor falling anymore. Falling less can be a sign of improvement but not experiencing a wipeout for months might mean that you are playing it too safe. If you have been too comfortable with your surfing, take things to the next level. Try new waves and maneuvers that is a step higher that what you are currently doing. After all, improvement is all about being better. Do not be afraid if you fall, you’ve been there before and if you do not want wipeouts again you need to challenge yourself how to overcome it.
  • You’ve got the wrong board. Stop using your fun board. Once you have completely learned the basics and if you are now able to control the learner board, it’s time to let go. The learner board is for the purpose of having a safe board while you’re not yet an expert yourself. If you want to get serious find a board that will help you improve your skills. Check out this article to know what to look for in a surfboard.
  • You don’t have idea of your surfing form. The reason why sports camera and other water proof high-definition video recording equipment are in demand for surfers is because they want to take a look on their surfing form. Seeing yourself in a video may seem awkward at first but once you get over it you’ll be able to point out your flaws. Having a visual reference of your form will enable you to adjust it more accurately. Taking a video of your surfing performances is one of the most effective ways to improve your surfing abilities.
  • You should never stop enjoying it. Let go of the pressure and just have fun while you are in the water. Your judgment might have been clouded by the want of improving your skills. Having a lot of things running in your mind can be a burden for people who want to have fun. So, what you need to do is free yourself from the pressure, enjoy surfing and allow the wave to dictate your maneuvers.

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