Things to do on the Fleurieu

6 June, 2016

bike hire at Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula is a picturesque location in the south of Adelaide which was named in honor of French explorer and hydrographer, Pierre Claret De Fleurieu. As one of the most famous holiday spot in South Australia, the Fleurieu peninsula is packed with different attractions and activities that everyone must try.

Just an hour away from the city and you’ll be welcomed by this trip destination with various attractions. So what are the must try events here? Check out our list of things to do in Fleurieu Peninsula below:

  1. Take in the great Fleurieu scenery. Upon your arrival you’ll surely notice the great view of the coast and surfing beaches that surrounds the area. There are also a lot of family swimming spots. You’ll never run out of picture-perfect angles when you bring along your camera with you.
  2. Indulge in the fresh Fleurieu food. I daresay the most fantastic food in the region will be the fish n chips by the beach! You can also find great fine dining restaurants, lazy pubs and great café’s in the Fleurieu. Wandering for fresh produce in the Farmers Market is also a great option here.
  3. Visit a cellar door of great wines. You’ll find plenty of cellars to visit in the region. The great climate in the region is the main reason why the wines produced here are internationally known. Asking the locals or dropping by the McLaren Vale visitor centre will surely help you in finding the right wine cellar to visit.
  4. Experience the wildlife attractions in Granite Island. Visit the Penguin Centre and discover a lot of things about this species of flightless birds. Don’t miss the ride on the horse drawn tram across the causeway when dropping by Granite Island.
  5. Take surf lessons.  The beaches in the region are yours for the taking! Enjoy the waters and learn to surf in the magnificent waves. Surf and Sun offers surf lessons in this region as well.
  6. Be the art savvy. Fleurieu Peninsula also has art centers and galleries that feature local crafts and artworks. If you’re a lover of antiques, the Strathalbyn will be the perfect place for you to visit. You can also drop by the banks of Angas River to check out collector shops that sells various works.
  7. Explore the Deep Creek Conservation Park. On top of the wildlife experience that the park has to offer, there are also numerous scenic sections in the park that you can boast about. Take a lot of pictures and fill your photo gallery with nature sceneries.
  8. Discover Coorong National Park. Aside from the coastal dunes, lagoons and wetlands that you can explore in Coorong, the national park is also a haven to numerous migratory birds. Along with discovering the various birdlife in the park you can also view deep limestone deposits from different corals.
  9. Hire a yacht, canoe or go for an eco-cruise in the waters. Explore the delights of sailing or canoeing. There are a lot of ways to find enjoyable activities in the Murray River, the Coorong and even the waterways near Goolwa. Try the different water activities.
  10. Ride the Cockle Train. This is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Goolwa. Ride along the oldest steel railroad in Australia and experience the delight of seeing the steam from the train while travelling from Goolwa to Victor Harbor.

Numerous other activities may not be a part of this list but it doesn’t mean that they were less enjoyable. If you want to experience and try these activities, call Surf and Sun to help you arrange your visit to the Fleurieu Peninsula. We will make sure to make your trip a memorable one.

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