What can I do After my Surf Lesson?

30 May, 2016

beginner surf lesson South Australia

After learning to surf through participating in beginner surf lessons South Australia you may wish to continue to progress your surfing. There are many options available to progress your surfing including; advanced or private surf lessons, hiring or buying your own surfboard, or joining a local surf club.

Hiring a surf board is a fantastic option for the surfer who has participated in several beginner surf lessons, but is not yet ready to buy their own surf board. It allows them to practice their surfing in their own time, without the commitment of buying their own surfboard. It also allows you to try out a variety of different style surfboards in order to decide what works best for you. Here at surf and sun we hire out surf boards for $20 for half a day (4hours), or $30 for a full day (24hours). We also supply wetsuits to hire with our surfboards for an extra $10-$15 dollars depending on length of hire.

Buying a surf board is a great option for the surfer who is confident in their surfing ability and knows exactly what they want out of their surf board. surfboards can be either bought from your local surf shop from what is in stock, or customised to your preferences. Here at surf and sun we sell second hand foam surfboards at approximately $250 and brand new foam surfboards for between $299-$470 depending on the brand and size of the surfboard. For the surfer looking to buy their first fibreglass surfboard we recommend a fish style surfboard. This style surfboard has a wider nose giving the board more stability, and thinner rails giving the board more manoeuvrability.

For the surfer who wants to improve their surfing but would still like the added benefit of working with a surf coach, we recommend booking a private surf lesson. Throughout this style program you can work one on one with the instructor to maximise your surfing ability. During these lessons you can self direct what you would like to improve and the entire lesson focus is on you. Equipment is included in the lesson price but you are welcome to bring your own surf board to private classes. Here at surf and sun we offer private lessons for $120.

Another option for the surfer looking to advance their surfing with the help of a surf coach is to join an advanced surfing class/group. These classes enable you to improve your surfing through progressive style surf lessons with video analysis coaching. The programs run in small groups allowing you to meed likeminded surfers and make new friends within the surfing community. Surf equipment is provided, but you may also bring your own equipment to thee lessons Here at surf and sun we offer a 'Squad' group program which runs for six weeks and costs $300.

A fantastic option for the surfer who would like to extend their surfing friendship group and begin competing is to join your local surfing club. These surfing clubs are a fantastic way to meet new people as well as introduce you to surfing competitions in a pressure free environment. For the young grommet we recommend joining Microgroms. Microgroms is a junior board riders club suitable for children aged up to 18. The club holds 10 competitions throughout their year at various locations along the coast. For the surfer aged 18 and up looking to compete socially we recommend joining your local board riders club, for example South Coast Board riders, or Seaford Board riders. If you are interesting in surfing on longboards, you can joining a dedicated longboard surfing club, we recommend Classiclines or Maladjusted.

We hope these options help you to improve your surfing and make new friends!

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