Dealing With Surfing Injuries

20 February, 2017

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Injuries while surfing is an occurrence that can’t be overlooked. Overlooking safety precautions and not being mindful of your surroundings while in the water are just some of the reasons why these accidents may happen. Injuries, bruises and cuts from sharp rocks and the surfboard itself are the most common accident that a surfer might face in the future.

When surfing, make sure that you are never alone. Surf with a buddy to make sure that you can ask for help from someone in case of emergency. On top of this reminder, Surf & Sun, a surf school in Adelaide also brings you some of the basic treatments you can do for a person who encountered a surfing injury.

  • The initial treatment that you can to do if you encountered a recent injury while surfing is to REST. Sore muscles from the injury needs to get rested to recuperate well. Excessive movements that involve the affected area of the injury should also be avoided to prevent further swelling of bleeding.
  • Icing your injury also helps. If ice packs are not available in the scene you can wrap crushed ice with a clean cloth. The cold treatment to your injury helps decrease inflammation. Experts also say that this lessens the pain. It is advisable to ice the injury at least 15 minutes every 2 hours or depending on the severity of the injury. You can also ask your physician to be sure.
  • Bandage is a must. Compressing the injury using a firm bandage also helps with the welling. Make sure that you have cleaned the affected area before bandaging. Bandages should be firm, if it is causing you discomfort redo the bandage and make sure that it will compress the injury firmly in a not painful way.
  • Most injuries need to be elevated to minimize the swelling. If you are injured in your lower limbs, it is advised to lie down or sit while the affected area is rested on a chair. Applying the first aid to your injured foot that way will help reduce the blood flow in the affected area. You can use a sling to elevate upper limb injuries.

The above mentioned method in caring for your injuries is often referred to as RICE; Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate. Swelling of the injured area contributes to the pain that you will be feeling hours after the injury that is why it is very important to prevent swelling as fast as possible. You and your surfing buddy can learn the RICE method so that you’ll be calmer in dealing with injuries. The know-hows in caring for a surfing injury can be easily done.

Be sure that you are safe while enjoying the water. A little knowledge about first aid treatments can always come in handy. Getting proper treatment for injuries can save you from danger. Keeping your calm is the first thing that you need to do if you encounter an accident. For more surfing tips, follow Surf & Sun Australia’s blog today!

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