Learn How to Surf Safely: The Importance of the Surfboard Leash

13 February, 2017

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The leash or most commonly referred to as the ‘leg rope’ is a surfing gear that might have been problematic when it was first invented. Because of its construction when it was first introduced, most surfers thought that it was uncomfortable and dangerous to use. However, when the materials for its construction were changed to urethane it has become more user-friendly.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from using a leg rope if you want to learn how to surf:

  • If you are a surfing beginner, you might have encountered numerous wipeout and nosedives while trying to learn how to ride a wave smoothly with your board. This occurrence of losing your board, especially if the water current becomes too strong will transform your board into a blade-like projectile that can harm anyone that comes across it.
  • The leg rope can also be helpful when a surfer encounters deep cuts. Most beginners might panic in the sight of blood that is why it is strongly advised for them to wear the leg rope that will enable them to find the board quickly with minimal effort. Going for the board during this emergency will be a whole lot safer than being left in the water for a long time.
  • Surfing with a leash adds a sense of security. You will be able to fall and learn freely without worrying about losing your board since it is practically attached to your body. The leash will drag you out from impact zone in times of wipeouts and it can help pull you to the surface when the strong current is continuously pounding all around you.
  • Wearing a leash has also become required safety equipment for all new surfers. When surfing in the open waters, make sure that you have the leg rope attached.

Having no worries for your board no matter what happens in the water can make you more at ease when surfing. However, there will be times that you will need to let go of the wave. One of which is when you encounter big waves. Staying with the leash on can be both beneficial and dangerous. The leash will not leave you stranded without a board in the middle of the water and it can also make your board a projectile object that can harm you. During this type of emergency, disengage the leash as fast as possible.

When training for surfing competitions, most surfers opt not to wear a leg rope because they want to get more freedom with their movements atop the board. Professionals let go of using the leash because they are experienced when it comes to the dangers of surfing.

Your preference in surfing needs to be taken into consideration in using the leg rope. But when it comes to your safety, it will always be best to wear a leash. It can do you more good than harm, especially if you are a beginner. For more tips, visit our blog now!

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