Learn How to Surf Australia in 5 Easy Steps

6 February, 2017

learn how to surf South Australia

When the glorious moment of standing up on a surfboard happens you might have felt so proud of yourself that you want to keep on trying until you get better at surfing. To help you improve your surf skills, Surf & Sun Australia have come up with 5 easy to follow steps that will allow you to learn how to surf South Australia easier. Check out the tips below:

  • Imagine a Straight Line – When learning how to stand up on a surfboard, most beginners would mark the middle part of the surfboard so that they can easily identify where they can position their body. If you don’t want to create marks on your board, imagining a line that runs straight down in the middle of the board will also help. Just line your body parallel to the imaginary line for your body to be evenly balanced while paddling.
  • Place your toes on the tail – While lying down on the board make sure that your toes can reach the tail of your board. The possibility of having a nosedive or the wave passing by you waits if you do not position your lower body properly. If the board is too big, adjust your body accordingly to prevent from getting nosedive.
  • Choose a Suitable Wave – Know your skills. Do not challenge waves that will be too strong for your abilities. Safe choice of wave is essential especially for beginners. Challenging rough waves in the waters, especially if you are alone can be very dangerous. Your choice of waves can also be improved as your skills get better.
  • Focus on paddling – For you to easily catch the wave, paddle on early. Make bigger strokes to make sure that your paddling will be powerful enough. Paddle like you are going for a swimming stroke. Paddling in the water deep enough over your elbow will give you and your board enough momentum for the incoming wave that you want to catch.
  • Push up and Stand – The key for standing up on your board is taking no hesitations. It’s all about getting your body to coordinate within your decided “perfect timing”. The moment you decide to stand up, push your chest up by gripping the sides of the board. Push through and pop up, position your front foot in the middle of the board and your other foot a step behind. Stay low with slightly bended knees to keep your body in an upright position a little longer.

Continuous practice using these easy steps will allow you to stand up on your surf board more confidently. Mastering the skill of being able to stand on your board will allow you to maneuver the board more smoothly. Take it one step at a time. The basic skills will help you out when you will be learning the more advanced techniques that you can do in rough waters. In the meantime, practice the easy steps first and focus in getting them right. More surfing tips are available from our blog, read more now!


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