Surfing Tip: Introduction to Surfing Gears and Accessories

30 January, 2017

surf lessons Middleton surfboards

After your surf lessons Middleton, you might have observed a lot of beginners and professional surfers in the beach who looks cool and great in their surfing gears and may have considered buying one yourself. But before you actually buy the gears, you might first need to ask yourself if it’s necessary to buy them. After making sure about the necessity of the purchase, the next thing that you need to check are the surfing gears that you can actually use. You can refer to the list below for some of the most common surfing gears and accessories that most surfers need.

  • Surfboard – A lot of boards available in the market will make your shopping for a surfboard slightly confusing. What you need to do to make sure that your new surf board will work for you is to carefully ask the surf shop owner regarding the boards that works for people with your body type. You can know more about buying your first board by consulting and asking local surfers.
  • Wetsuit - Wetsuits are very beneficial for surfers who want to surf all year round. This protective clothing can give your body warmth in the cold weather and will protect your skin from the harmful sunburn and other skin related diseases when the temperature is hot. If your skin easily gets board rashes, then all the more reason for buying this gear.
  • Leash – You can surf without a leash, but most surfers who want the rush of big waves usually uses a board leash so that they won’t get tired of swimming around looking for their boards. If you want to get use to surfing with the leash on, then you can easily buy this item online or from a local surf shop.
  • Surfboard Fin – If you want to get better surfing experience, adding a surfboard fin to your board will be a great option. Rough waves can be more manageable with the help of board fins. If you don’t want a permanent surfboard fin, you can also try the removable ones. Just make sure that you learn how to properly attach it to your board. Ask the assistance of the local shop where you buy the board fin.
  • Surfboard Wax – Applying the wax on your board will allow you to get more traction on the deck of your board. There are a lot of brands available in the market nowadays, so you can have many different choices for it.
  • Traction or Deck Grip – If you find yourself uncomfortable with applying and removing the wax every time you surf, the permanent solution for traction for your board will be a deck grip. This can be attached to your board and has many different designs you can choose from.

Your surfing can get better with the use of the right gears and equipment. Just keep in mind that whatever you buy should be necessary so that you won’t be wasting money over your hobby. For more surfing tips, read our blog now!

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