Learning How To Surf and Improving Your Health

20 March, 2017

learn how to surf South Australia

Many surfers would mention that they have started the sport because of the great feeling of accomplishment when they first stood up on the surfboard without getting a wipeout. Others will get encouraged by these statements and most people do not try to learn how to surf because they don’t know of its health benefits. Yes! Surfing does improve your health.

Being physically fit is everyone’s goal and engaging in different fitness activities and other sports are some of the options that many of us take. For the benefit of those who think that surfing doesn’t do anything for your body, this article will focus more on the health benefits of the sport.

  • Whole body work out – When you surf, your whole body is engaged into many different actions that will involve many muscle group to work. Core muscles, the upper limbs and the lower limbs are just some of the few body muscles that are always at work when surfing. Other group muscles which are not used in carrying day to day activities can also become involved and developed when you surf.
  • Surfing as a cardiovascular exercise – Keep your heart healthy in a non-conventional way! Surfing will help you improve blood circulation. To keep your heart healthy, you will be required to do aerobic exercises for two hours at least twice or thrice a week. Thinking about the numbers of hours required, many people will be lazier to keep up but with surfing, spending those hours of exercise can be pretty short.
  • Muscle Strength – Engaging in surf training programs Australia will help you improve your muscle strength. Surfing requires you to do a lot of physical activities that will involve strength. Training your body to withstand the strong current of the waves for surfing will make the body’s muscle groups stronger. Eating healthy and nutritious food during training is also one health factor that surfing can help you with.
  • Improved Physical Stamina – The physical strength and overall improvement of your healthy lifestyle while training your surfing skills will result into an improvement in your physical stamina. Surfing is a different way of getting an overall workout. It is a sport that can allow you to be more fit without the greater demands of strict discipline and dieting. With the amount of body activity that the sport will engage you in, you will definitely become more fit. The different climates involved in this sport as well as the environment where you do surfing also help you improve your immunity.

Aside from improving your overall health, other benefits that surfing brings to your body is the improvement of your balance, gaining more flexibility in your muscles and improvement of psychological health.

Having a fun environment where you can improve your health is the best way to become healthier. More and more people are now attracted to surfing and trying out the sport with the added knowledge of its health benefits will surely make them more enthusiastic of engaging on it. If you want to try and start to learn the basics of surfing, contact the best surf school in Australia today!

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