Recommended Surfing Gears For Kids

13 March, 2017

surf lessons Adelaide for kids

Kids who want to learn how to surf are not just excited in going out in the waters and experiencing the challenge of riding the waves while standing up on the board. They are also looking forward to some of the cool gears that surfers use. Getting the right gears for your kids if they really want to get serious with surfing is a great way to support them.

  • Surfboard – The padded bigger boards are the best boards that you can get for your children. It will also be safer for them if the board already comes with a leash. In case the leg rope does not come with the surfboard, you can buy it separately. Having a padded board with a leash will decrease the occurrence of board related injury cases.
  • Wetsuits – Summer wetsuits can be bought in every surf shop in Middleton. You can choose a summer wetsuit that is not too tight for kids; make sure that they can freely move while they are wearing it. Wetsuits protect them from getting sunburns from the harsh sun. You can also opt to buy a winter wetsuit if your kids can take on the cold waters during the early winter.
  • Wetsuit gloves and boots – To protect your children’s hands and feet, we recommend also getting a pair of wetsuit gloves and boots that will fit them perfectly. These gears will help them be more comfortable in the water.
  • Ear plugs – This is a gear that most parents forget to buy. When your kids are involved with water sports, it is best to prevent ear infections with use of ear plugs. Getting ear plugs for water sport can be a concern because they might be bigger for their ear holes. However, there are also moldable ear plugs that you get custom made for kid’s size.
  • Rash guard – If your kids don’t want to get wetsuits, the alternative that you can get to keep them from the harmful sun is buying a rash guard. Rash guards nowadays have designs that your kids will surely love. They are more comfortable and fashionable to wear.

There are a lot of surf groms program in Australia and choosing an enjoyable surf lesson for your kids is the best way to start their introduction to surfing. Before you allow them to go off on their first surf class, it is best for them to come prepared. If your kids are not ready yet for a surfboard, most surf schools offer a free usage of fun boards but if they really want to get into surfing, buying them a board is the most practical thing to do.

More often than not, having the right gears when surfing keeps you away from harm that is why it is always best that your kids are well prepared for their day out in the waters. You can always ask the surf instructors in surf lessons Goolwa to know what are the important things that you need to prepare so that the kids will be more comfortable in the beach. For inquiries, contact Surf & Sun today!

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