Outdoor Camp Providers South Australia

6 November, 2017

Outdoor Camp Providers South Australia

Camping is one of the best ways you can bond with your family and friends, it is a way for everyone to get together away from normal daily distractions and get back to life's simple pleasures. It's an activity everyone can participate in and lets you reconnect with nature. If If you live in the city and you want some time off the busy city streets, you can consider camping as a getaway watching the stars before you go to sleep. 

Not only for families, camping is also really popular with schools. Maybe you are a teacher, planning to suggest this activity to your school and looking to gather abit of info. Below are some of the best outdoor camp providers in South Australian that might be able to point you in your quest.

  • Beyond the Classroom – is a part of Surf & Sun that promotes tourism and awareness. Camps are run in a very distinctive and exciting way with emphasis on ecological consciousness without taking the fun out of the table. Our events will be most likely adored by your family members, a group of friends and students wanting to enjoy and experience an out-of-school adventurous activity. Surf & Sun also offer other activities like surf lessons Middleton, bike rentals and kayaking.
  • Wilderness Escape Outdoor adventures – also a school camp in Adelaide South Australia, aside from camping they also offer various activities that you can participate with your family.
  • Outdoor South Australia - also promotes outdoor activities like camping.  They give way to strengthening the sector or outdoor camping and its diversity.
  • Active Education - They offer different types of camps but is known for holding it for school functions. They have different programs you can choose from.

If you are aiming for a specific adventure camping activity that interests your students in a particular discipline of outdoor education, then we highly recommend these outdoor camp providers. They have a long-standing specialisation and skills of outdoor education that will give an enjoyable experience. 

Surf & Sun have different packages and ready-made camping packages that will fit your needs. If none from our package suits you, we can tailor one especially for you. The camping equipment are quality and safe that will give you a peace of mind while camping outdoors.   

Camping can be a treat you can give yourself and people you love any time of the year. It will be an experience that everyone will remember and can look forward to.

If you are still looking for other recreational outdoor activities to keep either you, your family or friends busy, you can contact Surf & Sun for more activities you can choose from.

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