Summer Holiday Fun!

30 October, 2017

Summer Holiday Fun

Thinking of spending your summer holiday with family or friends? Do you want to have a day full of excitement with adventurous events worth taking your family and friends to? This is a chance for your growing up kids to experience an enjoyable summer holiday activities with you. They can brag about this to their peers and schoolmates. These activities can be easy to visit and you can add this to your list of places to go in summer.

Over a weekend dinner you can come up with new ideas on how to spend the summer holiday with your family and suggest the following:

  1.       Camp up in your own backyard
  2.       Camp in at your porch or inside house near the fireplace
  3.       Stargazing at night
  4.       Pack a picnic to the nearby parks
  5.       Play tennis
  6.       Take a hike plan
  7.       Take a rented bike ride 
  8.       Paddle a kayak or a canoe
  9.       Learn and go Surf lessons Adelaide
  10.       Beach camping

The mentioned activities can be done this summer with your family in a fun and adventurous way. This will make family events memorable and you can make the most of those summer days and nights before Autumn rolls around again.


We have more summer activities you can surely participate in and add in your summer to dos. If you are in South Australia, and you want more suggestions, we can help you out! Contact Surf & Sun now!

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