How To Engage With My Teenager

23 October, 2017

surf lessons Middleton teenage kids

Teenage Kids....two words that trigger mixed emotions and thoughts with parents. One of the most common challenges is working out how to maintain connection with kids during this transitional phase. There are number of things you can try including regular practice of conversation at home. This really can go a long way in creating better and stronger relationships with them! Here are some tips from us..

  1. Getting along with their interest – Let them feel your support by sparing time with them along with their interests; whether be it in sports, arts or music as the case may be.
  2. Stories of your teenage life – It’s a storytelling about your teenage life. They will discover more about you and tend to listen carefully about your escapades, and might as well ask for more how you managed to stand and overcome your childlike attitudes and difficulties.
  3. Dining-in together – You can exchange notes how your day went through as routinely observed by all members of the family will ignite everyone by expressing their experiences encountered that day.
  4. Working on a household task togetherBuilding up a relationship with your teenage kids comes in while working together to accomplish assigned tasks to each member of the family, as it becomes customarily, it will be fun for all as well.
  5. Doing voluntary works to your community – Joining voluntary community works and or participating actively in their church together keeps more meaning to both parents and kids about their social responsibilities that keep their family relationships intact.
  6. Allowing them privacy and space – There must always be a proper atmosphere for both parents and their children showing courtesy. You must always knock on their doors and ask before coming inside their rooms this shows respect and space. For them, privacy is important and parents have to give it to them because if you neglect this, it can build a gap between you and your kids.
  7. Joining your kids on enjoyable adventures – Simple fun ways to connect with your grown-up kids that they consider this as exciting and will enable them to open up more. One meaningful idea to consider when strengthening the relationship with your kids is to introduce them to surf lessons Middleton where you can both learn to surf any day of the year and this includes public holidays, weekends and school holidays. There are different packages that will suit your preferences. ­­­­ You will have fun and most importantly you will build a relationship which will make it easier for you to engage with your teenager.
  8. Always say goodnight – This simple way sounds as a sweet music into their ears that at the end of the day you are telling them how much you care for them and they matter to you. They will feel your care and they will respond by giving you a cheerful response.

Managing connection with teenage kids can be hard for some parents, if you want more tips read more from our blog!



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