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16 October, 2017

Surf lessons with kids at South Australia

Working parents quite often find it a challenge to enjoy quality time with their kids....trying to juggle work, responsibilities, school sports etc can be a constant juggling act and then there's the job of finding new things to do with them! 

With all this being said, the effort of staying connected and not losing touch is important, and enjoying those precious weekends with the family. 

So you been to the local park, the zoo, museums, the local shopping centre and all the while multi ice creams have been consumed....what now?? 

The kids always love being out and about enjoying the sun and the beach.  Water activities can be an amazing and fantastic experience, with one of the most exciting being surf lessons Adelaide.

If they are new to surfing, want develop their surfing further or want to build their confidence in the ocean, surf lessons can help! 

There are a number of surf schools along the coast, here at Surf & Sun we have skilled surfing instructors for kids, teens and adults!

If you have teens, this can be a great confidence booster, even if they aren't strong swimmers they will learn the basics of surfing through professional coaching lessons. 

We also offer a range of learn to surf options to suit everyone’s level, from the one-time surfing training programs thru to advanced surfing lessons. We are located a number of different locations - Middleton, Moana and Moana and can run lessons throughout the week and weekends.  Our coaches teach with a twist of fun, excitement and most importantly a safe way. 

For those looking to make it into more of trip, you might interested in bike hire. Our bike hire is located in Middleton near Encounter Bikeway. We highly recommend a ride on the bikeway to make sure it is safe for you as well as scenic and great.

We also have Stand Up Paddle boards you can hire, different types from learner SUPs and surf SUPs.

Feel free to contact us for more details!

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