School Holiday Activities in Adelaide

5 December, 2017

School Holiday Activities in Adelaide

At the start of school holidays, parents and kids have looked forward to this much-awaited break from school activities since this is a great opportunity to spend time with people we love.  Most parents plan ahead to get the most out of this holiday and book ahead of time to hang out in their favourite places. School holiday activities can be a family outing to reward your children for their excellent school performances. One of the most visited places during school holidays are the countryside, natural parks, zoos and beaches.Some kids near the shore look forward to some surf lessons adelaide to get them started with their surfing journey and some would like to visit different places within the city.

We listed some places in Adelaide that you can visit along with your family to enjoy the School Holidays:

  1. South Australian Museum – Kids have curious minds and they want to keep on filling that curiosity with lots of information. You can bring them to the South Australian Museum to help them learn the rich heritage of South Australia.
  • They will learn the cultural backgrounds and social historical values of the natives and first migrants in Australia. You can also visit some galleries that will satisfy their young minds and here are those:
  • The Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery and South Australian Biodiversity Gallery
  • Minerals and Meteorites Gallery
  • Megafauna Gallery and Fossil Gallery
  • Opal Fossils Gallery, Pacific Cultures Gallery and Ancient Egyptian Room
  • World Mammals Gallery and Mawson Gallery
  1. Migration Museum in Adelaide – Accompany your kids to see the oldest museum of its kind in Australia for them to learn different cultures and find out where it houses the history of the immigration and settlement of South Australia.  The museum objectives are for the endorsement of racial diversity and multiculturalism-different aspects and where at it was first originated.
  1. Mayfair Ride Safe Park - Let your kids enjoy a family picnic ground and be delighted with their feet on bike pedals and slide their scooters safely as they skid on to hit the lane. Educate them about road rules and signs as they take the trip leisurely on the following signages:
  • Pedestrian crossings, line markings and intersections
  • Logs and Rocks they can climb and sit on
  • Art poles painted and designed by local children
  • Sealed roadways
  • Miniature road signs
  • Pretend school houses and pretend petrol station
  1. St Kilda Adventure Playground – The playground is just 45 minutes’ drive north of the Adelaide Central Business District. This is one of the best-known kid’s attractions and it has the biggest nature-inspired playground in Adelaide and famous wave slides. Aside from a maze, a pirate ship and a castle, here are some added attractions are the following:
  • Flying Foxes (For both kids and adults)
  • Hide n Seek Playground
  • Super-Sized Swings
  • Yellow Submarine

During summer an ice cream van is also available on the side. Parents don't have to worry since parking is not a problem and lastly, it is also a great place for a picnic.

  1. Treasure Hunting – It helps them explore, discover, build teamwork and develop navigation skills. There are a whole lot more benefits to this activity and you will not regret having them participate in one.

As parents, you may find this a daunting task to do but seeing your children enjoying and learning at the same time can be an accomplishment you did not know would make you happy.  If you need more ideas or some help in planning your children's school holiday activities, contact Surf & Sun!

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