Surfing Tuitions That Will Fit Your Needs

11 December, 2017

Staying fit and healthy is a vital for our mental and physical health, keeping a happy, balanced everyday life. Even though we know how beneficial staying active is, motivation can be the biggest challenge for most of us. When you talk to anyone that has mastered consistent exercise, the message is usually the same "find something you love". Maybe you have tried going to the gym, running, riding and nothing has really stuck. Perhaps it's time to mix it up and try something different, if you work inside day in day out, being outside might appeal to you. Surfing is definitely a great option and a fantastic way to be active at the same time, there are some great beaches and operators to help get you started surf lessons South Australia.


Here are the various lessons everyone can choose from:


  1.      Group Surf Lessons - This group surf lesson is good for 8 participants with a professional certified instructor to guide your group. It already includes a full-length Rip Curl wetsuit, soft safe surfboard, sun cream and of course, instructions that will help you learn the basics of surfing.   


  1.       Multi-Pack Lesson - This is a better way to save money and get the most out of it. You will be booking more than one class and you will save money. You will have 2hours per session that is valid for 12 months. This is a group class or you can    book this together with your friends. You will get more learning in the water but of course, to give you the musts of surfing, you still have to do it in the beach but you will surely get more time in the water.


  1.       Groms Lesson - This is one of the most popular kid's programs given by Surf & Sun. This is usually offered during holidays or term break because this is a program dedicated to introducing surfing to kids. Aside from learning how to surf, they will also learn proper beach safety and more that will help them be a great and knowledgeable surfer. This program takes 3 to 5 days with 2 hours lesson per day.


  1.      Family Pack - This is a private family surfing class for your family. This is one of the best ways to spend your day. The package is for a family with two adults and two kids but if you are a bigger bunch, you don’t have to worry since the added price will still be reasonable and within the budget. It already includes the equipment you will need in the surf lessons.


  1.       Private Pack - This is is a way to fully get the most out of your surfing lessons. You will get to have a one on one class and it will be on your own time. Your professional instructor will be overseeing what best program fits your current skill. They will make sure that you improve without having to break a bone. There are also elite level classes instructed by level 2 coaches. There are also male and female coaches that you can ask for if you want to feel more comfortable. Rashtop, sun cream, wetsuit, and surfboard are also provided unless you want to use your own.


  1.       Squad Pack - This is like taking a course and that your classmates the whole semester will be the same. This is an after-school program done 2 hours each week for 8 weeks. Classes are limited to 6 students per instructor. This already includes the equipment you need unless you want to use your own. Another good thing about this pack is that it includes videos/photos coaching with the most experienced professional surfers.           


There is always a pack or a program that will surely fit your needs. If you have further questions or you want to inquire about other options, contact Surf & Sun now!

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