Surfing And Catching Waves

17 April, 2017

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Most surfing beginners will have a hard time catching the perfect wave and will often encounter wipeouts while they are out in the waters because of inappropriate timing when catching waves. Learn how to surf lessons in Middleton will teach you a few easy ways to catch a wave. Here are some of the tips that we gathered from the surf instructors in Surf & Sun Australia:

  1. Before you start picking the waves, sit on your surfboard first. The ideal place to observe the waves is near the area where the waves break. Doing so will help you identify the ideal location where you can paddle around to catch a wave.
  2. As soon as you identify location, carefully observe the swell and pick a wave.
  3. Your ability to stand on the board depends upon the center of your gravity; make sure that when you pick the wave you are already lying prone atop your board. The position of your body on the surfboard should not be too forward nor too much at the back part of the board.
  4. While paddling and preparing to stand up, watch the wave’s speed over your shoulder.
  5. Paddle with one arm at a time. Make sure that your paddle strokes are strong and smooth to ensure that you can keep up with the wave’s speed. Matching the speed of your paddle strokes to that of the wave will gain you more momentum.
  6. When the wave breaks, focus your attention into popping up so that you won’t miss the timing.
  7. Do not forget to stand low in your board to keep the gravity center of your body.

Surfing beginners may have a hard time in learning how to surf but getting your board and practicing these practical tips for catching the wave will enable you to become more confident when standing up and riding a wave. Encountering wipeouts in the first few tries during your practice sessions is natural and will help you improve your skills more.

You can also try to sign up for surf lessons in South Australia if you really find it hard to stand on your board. A lot of experienced surf instructors will be more than willing to teach you. The ability to choose the right wave is an impressive skill that all beginners should master. Knowing the right wave to catch and the correct position you need to be at in the waters will give you more opportunities for an impressive ride.

When choosing what wave to catch, you also need to observe the proper surfing etiquette so that you won’t be haggling all the waves that other surfers also want. Keep in mind that other surfers should all be given chances in catching the wave too. Make way for other surfers to avoid conflict.

You also need to remember that you need a surfing buddy while you are out in the waters learning how to catch a wave, practicing this tip when surfing will come in handy in case of emergency. For more surfing tips, read more from our blog!

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