Surfing Fitness: Post Surfing Stretch

1 May, 2017

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Work out and stretching for all surfers is a needed exercise. We have provided our readers with the great exercises before surfing, which is why we will now be discussing some of the post surfing cool down exercise that you can do on your own. Most surfers will likely ignore the fact that they also need to do a round of stretching after straining their muscles during their surfing session.

Surf and Sun Australia surfing instructors also discusses the importance of having a cool down routine for your muscles during surf lessons Middleton. Post surfing stretch will help you keep your flexibility. Keeping the routine will help you avoid sore muscles and stiffness the day after you floor your body because of too much surfing. Here are some of the stretching ideas that you can do after surfing:

  1. Before doing your post surf stretching, make sure that your body is warm. It is not advisable to do the routine right after you get out of the water. After getting out of the water, give it at least 10 minutes before you do your post surf stretching.
  2. Perform a slow-paced stretching that will help your muscles relax. The idea of this stretching exercise is to avoid having sore muscles the next day that is why it very much important to allow your muscles to be less tight before you call it a day.
  3. Don’t strain but try to do at least three repetition of the exercise if you notice that a certain muscle area is tight. Do not pull too hard, repeat the stretching exercises with an even force.
  4. Make sure to stretch your back muscles. The muscle area of your back is considered to be the area where you exerted most effort. It is best if you stretch from the mid back and not from the lower back.
  5. Be sure to do a shoulder stretch. All the paddling that you did during your numerous rounds of surfing might take a toll on your shoulder muscles if they are not properly cooled down. Stretch both shoulder muscles to keep the stiffness at the minimum level.

Surfing and Muscle Pain

Highlighting the importance of stretching is not an overstatement of its adverse effects to your surfing performance. Lack of flexibility when surfing often results to injuries while surfing. The most common of these injuries are shoulder problems and knee aches. These injuries or muscle pains while surfing will cause harm not just to your performance but also to your body.

To avoid suffering from muscle pains and injuries, most coaches advice you to perform the necessary workout and stretching routines that will strengthen your muscles. Allow your body to keep up with the sport by taking in the healthy routine of getting fit. Surfing is a sport that requires for a fit body; not the sexy with abs kind of fit but the healthy with no injuries kind of fit. You can help your body achieve the optimum fitness that the sport requires by having the right diet and body workout.

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