Tips In Taking Care of Your Wetsuit

12 June, 2017

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Do you live near by the beach and do you like to watch surfers ride the waves? It is truly amazing how surfers glide through the waves, watching them makes you want to sign up for surf lessons Adelaide. But then you always wonder how they manage to stay in the cold water temperatures. You want to sign up for the surf lessons but you are not sure if you can stay in the cold water that long. The answer you are looking for is wetsuits. Surfers wear wetsuits which keep them warm enough to stay in the water and catch many waves. Wetsuits are made of neoprene which is a synthetic rubber material that is made to reflect and trap the heat in the wetsuit. You need to wear wetsuits in colder waters because it can freeze you faster than you think if you don’t. Cold liquid is denser which makes it faster for you to freeze compared to cold air.

Wetsuits cannot completely keep you dry, there will always be water going inside that you can’t avoid. The good thing about the water that comes in your wetsuit is it also adds an added layer of heat to your body.  There will be a thin layer of water that is trapped between you and your wetsuit and it will help your body feel the water in a more comfortable level.  If you already have a wetsuit that fits you perfectly and you already asked a professional about it, here are some tips to maximize the lifespan of your wetsuits.

Remember that surf wax sticks to fabric and do not use strong detergents to remove them. It is part of a surfer's experience that wax sticks to their wetsuit. You cannot avoid this unless you opt in not using your surfboard wax.

Never use hot water to remove surf wax or to wash it. The enemy of rubber is heat and if you want to prolong the life of your wetsuit, do not use hot water to wash it.  The hot water will affect the stretch and fit of the wetsuit to your body. Do not dry your wetsuit in the sun. Sun and heat are the same and drying them in the sun will probably melt your wetsuit.

Always rinse your wetsuit after you surf. After every surfing session, make sure to rinse your wetsuit for you to remove the sand, grime and seawater. Make sure you wash the inside and the outside thoroughly.

When drying your wetsuit, hand it inside out. You can use a hanger built for a wetsuit to avoid stressing the fabric. The quickest way to dry them is hanging them inside out and after that right side out. Once your wetsuit is dry, do not fold when storing it, use a suggested wetsuit hanger because once it creases it would not recover.

Do not use your washing machine to dry or wash your wetsuits. Wetsuits will tear away easily if you wash it in your washing machines.  The main material of your wetsuit is rubber and rubber cannot handle the repeated cycles of the machine. The best way to clean them is to hand wash them and if it smells, use a little bit of baby wash or shampoo.

Wetsuits can help you maximize your surfing experience. It may be too costly if you only surf a few times a year so make sure that you take care of it and follow our simple tips so that you can maximize the life of your wetsuit. If you want more tips about surfing, read more from our blog!


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