Surfing Tips: How To Pop-Up In Your Surf Board

19 June, 2017

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Learning how to Pop-Up in your surfboard is one of the most important techniques you must learn. Popping up is done every time you ride the wave unless you just want to keep your body attached to the board. Surf lessons Adelaide train beginners by making them practice on the sand first before getting into the water. If you have been listening to the instructions of the instructor, you might think that you are ready to ride that wave but listening and actually doing it is two different things. There are times when you are actually on the surfboard; you will be shocked doing the Pop-Up Once you are in the water, attempting to Pop-Up, you will understand how important it is to practice first.

Here is a guide for beginners out there on how to Pop-Up on your surfboard.

Position and balance yourself on the surfboard. It is best that you put your weight on the correct spot on the surfboard which is practically in the middle. This is because it will give you better stability and control in making the turn. If you put your weight in front too much, it will increase the speed which can lead to nose diving. If you put your weight on the back will make it hard for you to catch waves and keep your stance on the board.

Place your hands flatly close to your chest; a little bit below your ribcage which will enable you to use your energy for the Pop-Up. If you place them to high, it will take too much effort and you will not be able to Pop-Up in time.

Keep your legs together and do not drag the waters using your feet. If you do this, it will disturb the flow of the water which can affect the wave and your Pop-Up chance. Focus your mind and body in doing the move.

Push yourself up using your arms with an arched back. Make sure to keep your head looking up. Do the Pop-Up in a fluid like motion. You can do this by springing up and bringing your front foot under your body. Do not stand up right away into an upright position but keep your knees bend and go for the direction you want to go. Let the waves direct you so you can ride and enjoy your surfing experience.

Mastering the Pop-Up technique does not happen overnight. It will take a lot of practice and time so you can get comfortable doing the technique. Before practicing make sure that you do some exercises to enhance your endurance, upper body strength, core strength, leg strength, balance, and flexibility. These exercises will give you a head start for your practice and it will improve your body's muscle memory. Once you get used to it, your body will know the technique and you can do it easily just like breathing. If you are having troubles and you want some help in your Pop-Up technique, contact Surf and Sun now!

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