Tips In Choosing A Good Wave

26 June, 2017

surf lessons Adelaide catching good waves

Waves are one of the reasons you surf and it is important that you know how to distinguish a good wave. Surfers tend to get frustrated in choosing the right wave to paddle into. As a surfer, you must know that not all waves are meant to be ridden. There are certain waves that will just waste your arm strength and your energy. Surf lessons Adelaide teaches their students how to distinguish good waves and if you need some help, read some more below.

In choosing a good wave that is worth your energy, other than saving lots of energy, it will give you a position and lineup that will also help you catch the other waves.

Here are some tips from Surf and Sun so you know how to choose a good wave that will maximize your surfing experience.

A surfer must know that there are certain ocean cues to be recognized so that you know what waves to catch and paddle for. If you ride the white water waves or you aim to catch unbroken waves, you must know these ocean cues.

Firstly, position yourself in the ocean so that you can catch the waves on the peak part because this is where it initially breaks. This will give you an opportunity to catch that good wave and accomplish a long wave ride. You should also stay far enough the beach so you can catch the good wave and you would not get the usual break on your head.

Secondly, paddle firmly when starting to position yourself on the wave and paddling around the waves as well. Surfers tend to let themselves drift through the wave without the purpose of paddling themselves into position. If you are looking for a better wave from behind, make sure that you paddle accordingly to the direction and position you want to go.

Here are some types of unbroken waves or swell that you should also know. 

Flat Swells are waves that look flat and unfortunately, it has not built up yet for you to catch it and enjoy it. When you aim for a flat swell, you waste your energy thinking that it might give you the surfing experience you want. You will know if it’s a flat swell when it hasn't built up some height of its own as it gets closer. A flat swell can also make it hard for you to paddle out so you can catch another wave.

Pitching waves are waves that break when you try to stand on your surfboard. You may have taken off a little bit too late to ride the wave which will result in an unsuccessful ride and wasted effort.

Half-built Swells are waves that allow you to make a clean entry to the wave. It gives you the momentum and speed that you need to make the first move or to Pop Up in your surfboard. The secret to this is paddling firmly to a position you want to put yourself in the wave.

Knowing what a good wave is and what a good wave is not will save you lots of energy. It is very important that you distinguish this two accordingly so you can ride more waves that will help you enjoy your surfing experience. If you want to learn more about how to catch a good wave, do not hesitate to contact Surf and Sun now!

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