Things To Do In Adelaide With Kids

24 July, 2017

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Being a parent is a round the clock job and keeping them busy is constant challenge. With the introduction of tablets and the internet, it's easy for kids to forget the joys of getting out and about and exploring! If you are looking for ideas of things to do with the kids, we have listed out some here so you can get your kids up and running!

  1. Rent a bike for free and teach your kids the wonder of biking! There is a bike shop in Adelaide that lets you rent a bike for free but of course you need to present some valid identification cards so they can let you borrow the bike. You will be able to spend your time with your kids and you do not have to worry about their physical activities because this activity is enough to use the energy they have.
  2. If your kids love arts and crafts, you can keep them busy by going to the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia that is open most days of the year. You can educate them about the famous paintings and the artists. They will learn and at the same time, you get to spend the day teaching them the wonders of Australian art.
  3. Spend a day at the beach! This is one of the most loved activities done by kids. They can play with the waters and if they are fond of water sports, you can sign them up for surf lessons Adelaide that they will surely enjoy. You will see the excitement and happiness of your kids when they ride their first wave. Getting your kids involved with this kind of activity will help them keep an active body and mind.
  4. Get them in touch with nature. Adelaide Botanic Gardens or Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens are always great options. Your your kids will see a wide variety of plants that have existed way before we did. There you'll be able to see prehistoric plants that have existed the same time the dinosaurs did. You can take a picnic and make a game, getting them to find different plants and leaves. 
  5. Bring them to the Monash Adventure Park where they can spend the whole day without ever getting bored and thinking about their tablets or phones. You can play around with them as well. They have a huge maze there and the whole family can enjoy finding a way out of it. There are slides, swings and a whole lot more.

Spending time with the family is vital part of building connection and creating stronger bonds. There are so many hidden gems in and around Adelaide.. for more ideas, contact Surf and Sun and we can help you out!

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