How To Communicate and Connect With Your Teenage Kids

31 July, 2017

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Imagine you are sitting at the dining table, eating dinner with your teenage kids and everyone is quiet. Trying to break the ice, you ask them about what's going on with their lives. It struck you, you don't know much about them anymore.

Finding ways to stay connected can be quite a challenge as you both navigate your way through a jungle of adolescent hormones and emotions. The earlier you start the better however It's never too late to get creative and find common ground.

Here are some simple ways on how you can connect and communicate with them.

  1. Always make it a point to eat with them during dinner. During dinner, you can ask simple questions about how their day went. You can ask them these simple things without crossing their personal space.
  2. Ask them to help you cook dinner. It might come as a chore to them but you are actually building a relationship with them. As it becomes a habit, it will be fun for them as well.
  3. Ask them about their interests and share them together. If your teenager is interested in surfing and they want to sign up for surf lessons Goolwa, do it together. You get to spend more a common thing which will act as a special thing you both share. It can also act as a topic of conversation if you cannot think of any.
  4. You can ask them to do a community work with you. Volunteer together and let them pick what volunteer activity they want to do. You can help an elder from your neighbourhood or join a marathon for a cause.
  5. Tell them stories about yourself as a teen and most especially times you had fun. This is a simple way that you can connect with them, they will know more about you. You will be surprised because they might ask for more.
  6. Always tell them good night. You will be amazed the great impact a simple good night can do. This is as simple way telling them that at the end of the day you love them.
  7. Give them the privacy and space they need. Always knock on their doors and ask them before you can come in. For teenage kids, privacy is important and you have to give them that because if you don't it can build a gap between you and your kid.
  8. Connect with your kids via a fun adventure experience on neutral ground. This is a good way of doing something with your child that they think is fun/cool and will enable them to open up even more.

These are just simple ways to connect and can go along way to creating a better and stronger relationships. For more ideas, read more from our blog!

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